Courage (5.09 to 5.12)

This is the first time I’m posting my comic, Courage, as my Digital Artefact for BCM112. For marking purposes, it begins here – not an ideal starting point because it’s mid-event, but that’s where the comic was up to when the subject started. For context, or just for fun, you can read the rest of it here on DeviantArt!


>Previously On

For context purposes, if you don’t feel like reading what I’ve drawn so far, here’s what’s going on.

The team consists of five pokemon: Milo the Croconaw, Bandit the Furret, Beak the Pidgeotto, Cipher the Unown, and Baby the Togepi.

They’ve beaten the first gym, and have one gym badge. They all played a part in hatching Baby’s egg, and they’re close like family now. Currently they are resting in the Slowpoke Well, and Team Rocket is doing something nefarious – they’re using sleeping gas on the resident Slowpoke, and cutting off their tails to sell for profit!


Chapter 5: Something to Protect
Pages 09 to 12



I’ll update once a week at least, or twice if I can manage it (but I do have other projects going on, so maybe not.)

When Baby the Togepi hatched, Beak’s untapped motherly rage was awoken. She’s not so much of a scaredy bird any more – not when someone is threatening her flock!

From here, project-wise, I’ll be doing some weekly research into the phenomenon of community-based derivative works and unpack what place this comic holds in social and digital spheres.


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