Courage (6.07 to 6.08)

> Chapter 6: Quiet Conversations
Pages 07 and 08


> Notes

And now we have Beak’s feelings on the journey so far. She’s come so far in so little time. Bandit is going to have to talk to Milo again to get some closure, but she’s feeling better about a few things now. Beak didn’t giver her any answers directly, because despite all that’s happened, Beak doesn’t have a great deal of life experience so all she can go off is her own experiences. And I hope Bandit’s personality is starting to come together more as well. I mentioned this a while ago, but I’d always been a bit on edge with Bandit’s character because of her role as “Milo’s first companion.” I’d only used her to react to Milo for the first few chapters, which meant she never really had a personality of her own. Now I’m trying to bring all of her actions together in a way that makes them hers, rather than belonging to “whatever the comic needed at the time,” and I think I’ve been pretty successful all things considered. When I look back over what I’ve done so far, in the context of who Bandit is now… well, she makes sense. And I can write her better in the future now.

I’m not 100% happy with the way I’m “telling” rather than “showing,” but there’s only so much I can show in our normal chapters and I only have so much energy. I used the usual storybook format because I wanted to avoid doing a multi-panel comic in the first place, and while that was a success, the fact that this type of page follows means it could use some tweaking. Anyway, that’s just me. And this is just one chapter.


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