Courage (6.01 to 6.04)

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> Chapter 6
Pages 01 to 04



> Notes

So this is how Event 6 will be different! Every couple of pages we’ll see a long conversation between a couple of characters about topics like goals, family, home, values… all that cool stuff. I want to come out of this chapter with a better idea of who each of these critters are, and how they feel about each other.

This conversation between Milo and Bandit was a long time coming. We all knew Milo wanted badges, and that he wanted to find his family. Now we know how the two goals intersect. His dad is in the League somewhere, and that’s his only lead to finding his mum. He’s always putting on a brave face, but talking about his family sort of gets to him.

Maybe you picked up on it, maybe you didn’t – but Bandit is feeling a bit unsettled during this conversation, and it’s not just because she’s sad for Milo. The topic of family makes her a bit uncomfortable. We’ll take a closer look at that next time.

Sorry this conversation didn’t really get cute fluffy closure. It didn’t seem appropriate yet.


> Research

This annotated bibliography will give you a bit of insight into the type of research I’m doing for Courage. There are a lot of avenues to cover, so my goal now is to narrow it down until I can fit it into… 500 words, I think it was? That’ll be a task and a half.


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