Courage (5.17 to 5.19)

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> Chapter 5
Pages 17 to 19


> Courage as a Digital Artefact

It’s important to analyse my comic’s place in the world of copyright, but that’s not why I created it. I had wanted to move this digital artefact towards a more widespread issue in order to make it feel relevant to a university assignment, but the more I try to shift its reason for existing towards a comment on copyright, the more I’m able to see the reason I created it in the first place. It’s niche, but it’s definitely more true to the project.

From my experience as an artist and as an active community member on the Nuzlocke Forums, I know that the problem of rigid storytelling structures and expected methods of execution exist within the community. There are three different forms of storytelling in the Nuzlocke forums: full-page panelled comics; written-by-the-chapter novellas; and image/caption screenshot runs. These are separate enough to exist in different subforums, and each has built its own set of expectations that can be difficult to live up to for many people – especially those who consider their work a hobby done for fun, rather than a chore or project. Since October 2015, I have been drawing and updating a comic that breaks some of these structures and expectations in a way that makes storytelling more accessible to people with different skillsets. I have blended the three forms of storytelling – comic, written, and screenshot – into a children’s book style narrated story that is less intensive to create than most other forms, and stays dynamic in its creation as it utilizes both written and artistic skills. I will isolate the updates that occur during the subject of BCM112 for marking purposes, continuing to update once a week, and stay actively engaged with the readers and commenters of Courage.

With these issues in mind, I will observe the role of Courage in the Nuzlocke community, and use it to encourage others to think outside the box in terms of storytelling structure and execution.


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