Access + Control (BCM112 Weekly Digest)

(Here’s a link to the Prezi just in case the embedded version doesn’t work.)

Our media platforms have changed, but the rules regarding our access to content are fighting tooth and nail to stay the same. The old rules, the ones that directly controlled which content we were able to consume and when, existed due to the inherent restrictions of the medium.

The medium is the message, and the message is control.

They are now arbitrary. They don’t need to exist in the form that they do. We consume, produce, communicate, and exist in a non-linear system, where information and content can be shared freely but often isn’t. Netflix has changed the way we produce and view episodic shows, which is monumental – but it also adheres to national borders despite existing outside of them.

There are reasons. There are always reasons. Some of them are sound, some less so – and all of them must be looked at with a more critical eye.

Never stop examining the systems you function within.


2 thoughts on “Access + Control (BCM112 Weekly Digest)

  1. Hi there! I really liked the simplicity of your Prezi and how that did not compromise the quality of your content. The only thing I would suggest however, is more of a range of various media within the Prezi to give a few more strikepoints within your discussion. Otherwise, great content and examples! I particularly liked your outline on why the rules of old media are still in place. What sources did you use for that because I’d be interested in reading more about it? 🙂

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    1. To be honest, a lot of it was reactionary speculation, fueled by a gut reaction against old media methods of control. The links in the body of the test post are most of the information I had!

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