Chiptunes, and a Game to Match

> Group of One

So far, I’ve crafted four short pieces of music that embody different emotions and situations. Thus far I’ve been experimenting with the range of feeling I can evoke with music. You can listen to all four in this playlist:

From here, I will craft more pieces and extend them as needed to create full-length songs, or appealing loops. I estimate perhaps four or five full songs in total to present as my “group” digital artefact – a mighty small group of one, as it stands, but I would like to collaborate with others if our projects align.

I will continue to develop this music to become part of my next project…

> A Game as an Experience

My individual game dossier will detail the creation of a short digital game. Using GameMaker Studio, I will mock-up one “room” of the game that will be able to stand on its own as a minute-long story and atmospheric piece. This room will be developed on Windows and for Windows for now, as I learn the ins and outs of the tools I will be using.

It would be interesting to explore the topic of isolation, having the player character only able to see and interact with an object, similar in concept to the companion cube from Portal, or Wilson from Castaway. The goal of this game will be to develop a connection between the player and the object, and exploring the different encounters the player can have with the object.

The player character will have no name, and perhaps no appearance as well. I want to experiment with a silhouette visual style in order to more thoroughly build an atmospheric experience. The object will not move when in the player’s sight, but it will change its position and communicate with the player through signage and environmental cues. This will, hopefully, evoke two trains of thought – that the object itself is sentient, or that another character exists in the game’s periphery and is following the player. I want this mystery to stay unresolved.

From here, I must develop the game itself: mechanics, incentives; everything that makes a game a game.

> Style Map


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