Chiptunes Tools

As I was researching different forms I could use for my  Digital Games Cultures project, I stumbled across a magical little site called BeepBox. It’s a really fun, easy tool for making chiptunes, or 8-bit music, and it’s made for easy sharing. I dabbled for maybe half an hour, learning my way around the tool, and came up with something I’m actually fairly proud of: I call it “Approaching the Boss”, because it sounds to me kind of like boss music in an old game. Thoughts?

I also had a play with Pulseboy, but it proved to be a bit of a challenge to navigate and the quality of the music you can produce seems limited (or at least, at the skill level of zero, creating something that sounds even remotely okay was almost impossible).

Though I’ve never “done” music before, and have only a very basic understanding of its mechanics, it’s very tempting to set up my project as an album of game music – ideally designing the music for a game a classmate is making, but failing that, redoing the music of an already existing game, or even creating the rough story of a game myself so that I can develop the atmospheric ebb and flow of a game that doesn’t exist.

BeepBox even has a twitter where people share their creations. Check them out – and give this tool a try!


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