Cyberculture? Never Met Her!

> my first foray into the field

If you’re reading this, chances are we are now academic cohorts. My name is Xara. Nice to meet you! I usually study Graphic Design and Visual Art, but this semester I’m diving into the grand field of Digital Media and Communications in order to broaden my understanding of the massive digital world that we connect with on a daily basis, and its hidden and not-so-hidden effects on our lives.

The subjects I’ll be undertaking this Autumn session are:

  • BCM112: Convergent Media Practices
  • DIGC210: Digital Dissent
  • DIGC310: Digital Game Cultures
  • DIGC335: Cybercultures

So, academic cohorts, I’m looking forward to a wildly engaging semester. It’ll be fun. It’ll be challenging. Most of all, it’ll be my starting point for a lifetime of thinking differently about the digital world we live in.

I’m ready when you are.


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